Guiding Principles

The Villa Cathay Care Home is a home away from home for many seniors in our community who need professional residential care and health services – a place providing nurture, comfort, security and happiness in a homelike environment. We respect, value and learn from the unique wisdom, experiences and potential of every resident in our home.

At the Villa Cathay, our practices are guided by principles (using the acroynm S.E.N.I.O.R.S.):

Services - Villa Cathay strives to provide the highest caliber of services and care in the daily needs and wellness of our resident seniors.

Expectations - Villa Cathay strives to meet and exceed resident expectation professionally, ethically, and with accountability.

Nurture - Villa Cathay strives to foster nurture of our residents by providing positive encouragements to enrich the quality of their lives.

Innovations - Villa Cathay endeavours to seek out and apply service innovations to meet professional standards in the areas of care of our residents.

Openness - Villa Cathy strives to communicate with residents, families and each other with openness to build trusted care partnerships and turn each challenge into an opportunity for advancement.

Respect - Villa Cathay strives to care for our residents with respect, courtesy, and dignity, and to promote understanding amongst residents, family and staff.

Serenity - Villa Cathay strives to provide an environment of serenity to our residents through culturally oriented recreational programs, language and meal programs.