Gift of Securities

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One of the most financially sound ways to support Villa Cathay is with the gift of securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds).

Thanks to changes in Canadian tax laws in May of 2006, when you donate stocks, mutual funds and other securities to a registered charity, you pay no capital gains tax and receive a tax receipt for the full amount of the gift. It means a great tax break for you and increased support to our residents.

Tax Advantages

Typically when you sell a security, you’re required to pay tax on 50% of the capital gain. But when you transfer that same security directly to a charity like Villa Cathay, there’s no tax on the capital gain realized. This is a tremendous incentive to give securities as a gift now to ease your own tax burden, or as a deferred gift in your will to offset the tax against your estate.

How to Donate Securities

Please contact your broker and fill out a Direction to Transfer Funds Electronically form.

If you hold shares in certificate form, you may fill out the Letter of Authorization form and either hand deliver, courier, or send them by registered mail Villa Cathay’s office at: Villa Cathay Care Home
Attn: Director of Philanthropy
970 Union Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 3V1

For more information, we invite you to connect with Kyle Tiney, Director of Philanthropy at or 604-215-3548.

Villa Cathay Securities Donation Policy

The donation must be an in kind transfer of the security itself, not the cash proceeds from the sale of the security. Such a transfer is easily made electronically from your investment account. Villa Cathay has a policy of issuing a tax receipt for the closing value in Canadian dollars on the date the shares are received into its brokerage account. If the shares are hand-delivered or mailed, a properly executed power of attorney is required and the Centre has a policy of issuing a receipt for the closing value in Canadian dollars on the date the shares are received and accepted. Villa Cathay has a policy to sell shares on the same date they are received, or as close to it as possible.