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Villa Cathay Staff Hub 華宮員工專用網頁

2 4 月, 2020 | 華宮員工專用網頁

Welcome to the Villa Cathay Care Home Staff Resource Hub. Please check this page regularly to stay up to date. 歡迎來到華宮員工專用網頁!請大家定期查看此網頁瞭解最新的信息!

1. Latest News 最新消息

May 24: Register for All-Staff Workshop and Heat Stress Prevention Protocols

Click this link to register for ONE session of the All-Staff Elder Abuse Workshop.

May 16, 2024 Urgent Reminder in Keeping Our Team and Residents Safe

Mar 12, 2024: One 9F resident tested positive for COVID-19

March 11, 2024: One 10F resident tested positive for COVID-19

March 9, 2024: Multiple Residents in 3F Tested Positive for COVID-19

Villa Cathay Inspection Report by VCH Licensing Officer 衛生局檢查華宮安老院的報告

Routine Inspection Report (January 27. 2021)

Medical Health Officer Order Inspection Report (January 27, 2021)
Medical Health Officer Order Inspection Report (November 12, 2020)


2. Villa Cathay Policies and Procedures 華宮政策及程序

Please click the link below to access the folder.  Password: &ILoveVillaCathay!1973#

請按以下連結,密碼為: &ILoveVillaCathay!1973#

Villa Cathay Policies & Procedures 華宮政策及程序


3. Staff Communiques 院長向同事發出的電郵

Click here to read older emails sent 按此閱讀之前向同事發出的電郵

4. COVID-19 Vaccine for Staff 員工新冠疫苗接種 

Staff Booster Shot Info

Online registration for vaccine 登記網頁

Information on COVID-19 Vaccines in Canada 加國疫苗資料

Clinic Locations 疫苗診所地點及開放時間

Frequently Asked Questions about COVID-19 Vaccine 關於COVID-19疫苗的常見問題 

4. Staff Protocols for COVID-19 員工衛生守則


6. Class Orders from VCH Medical Health Officer


7. Policies for Villa Cathay Staff 員工規章

Heat Stress Prevention

Other Policies:

8. Other Important Information 其他重要資料

Messages from our Community

Board of Directors’ Thank You Message to Staff

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Families’ Thank You Messages to Staff


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Hi Villa Cathay,

Thank you for your tireless work to keep my grandma safe and healthy during this pandemic. Words cannot capture how grateful my family and I are for all that you do for her and for all the seniors who are lucky to have such an incredible place to call their home. I can’t imagine the ways that the pandemic have affected you and your lives outside of work and I wish I could do more to help alleviate the pressures.

Wishing you safety and health and praying for better days ahead.


Just want to thank you all for the good work you’ve been doing.  Please stay safe, and keep everyone healthy.

非常感謝華宮的所有看護和員工對媽媽的照顧。特別在疫情期間還是盡全責照顧老人家。由於我不在溫哥華,也沒有辦法探望媽媽,只能靠電話聯繫媽媽。我明白現在不能用電話以減輕看護的工作量,以及能讓看護們專心工作。感謝員工們的努力工作讓我知道媽媽的狀況。希望大家都Stay safe and healthy。在此慰問和為各位看護和員工打氣!

Thank you to your teams hard works.


I understand this is a very difficult and challenging time for all staff members especially nurses and care aids. I thank you all very much for doing your very best for my mother and other residents of Villa Cathay. Take care of yourselves!


Thank you for the hard work from Villa Cathay care home workers in keeping out the virus and taking good care of the elderly.  You guys take care. Thanks


We know you are all doing your best to keep everyone safe and healthy at the Care Home during this crisis.

To 院長及全体员工 Good Job. Your services and contributions are important and remarkable in our society.

Thank you so much for everything you do to keep my mom, safe, comfortable, and healthy during COVID-19. As a front line worker myself, I understand the risks clearly. I can’t help but still feel frustrated and sadden I can’t visit my mom to put her to bed every night but it brings me comfort knowing I can trust the Villa Cathay administration, social workers, housekeepers, cooks, care aides, and nurses can do this on my behalf.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart and thank you for supporting the video conference calls I can have with my mom. I look forward to when it’ll be safe for me to visit my mom and to see you all of you again to continue supporting the important service you provide seniors and families. Please keep my mom’s spirits high for me and my family.


I know for myself, it’s important to stay rested and healthy in order to continue providing care and support to the residents I serve. I extend my wish to you and your team to stay safe and healthy in such perilous times.

Thank you for  keeping us updated at Villa Cathay Care Home’s unending effort with the Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you to all the staff and crew at Villa for their tireless stamina at keeping everyone safe and calm. Thank you to all who expressed support of various type to the operation of Villa. Thank you to all the families members for their understanding and patience during this testing time. Thank you.

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