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Villa Cathay Care for Seniors Month 2023

Care for Seniors Month 2023

Villa Cathay Care for Seniors Month 2023

October 1 –November 30, 2023

For seniors with complex health conditions, a long-term care home becomes the only viable option for survival after all other alternatives have been exhausted. Villa Cathay Care Home is one of the largest long-term care facilities in the Lower Mainland, serving 173 residents, and specializes in providing culturally focused long-term care for vulnerable older adults in our community.
Government funding is limited and primarily supports the basic care needs of long-term care residents. To provide the best possible services and go beyond the basics to meet our residents’ diverse needs, we depend on philanthropic and community support.
Villa Cathay is launching Villa Cathay Care for Seniors Month 2023, with the goal of raising $300,000, to enhance our programs and services for our residents. Event proceeds will support residents’ programs, including art therapy, music therapy, expanded rehabilitation, occupational and recreational therapy, as well as on-site wellness programs like acupuncture and massage services. Increased access to these life enrichment and enhancement programs will significantly improve seniors’ health outcomes and enhance their quality of life by nurturing their mental and physical vitality.

We hope you can join us in creating a reimagined home for seniors in our community.  You can support Villa Cathay Care for Seniors Month 2023 via any of the following ways:

  • Make an online donation today!  All donations will be matched by the Chan Sisters Foundation!

  • Online fundraising campaign including email and social media outreach

  • Fundraising Team competition

  • Mass Media promotion in CHMB AM1320 and Fairchild Radio AM1470 and FM96.1 and online.

  • Online Silent Auction till November 30, 2023


2023年10月 1日至11月30日

華宮安老院是目前低陸平原地區內其中一間最大的長期護理院,為 173 名長者提供全天候的專業護理及配合華人文化和語言的照顧服務。我們深刻理解,在其他照顧選項已經用盡的情況下,對於健康情況欠佳並且有複雜護理需求的長者來說,長期護理院往往是最後亦是最合適的選擇。華宮安老院致力為長者提供最優質的服務,由於政府對院舍的服務撥款僅支持長者的基本護理需要,我們必須不遺餘力地滿足長者多樣化的需求。


華宮舉辦華宮愛心籌款月2023,募集額外的經費,讓長者可以獲得更完善及以人為本的照顧服務和保健項目。是次籌款目標為30 萬元。這些額外的資原,將會用作支持長者參與藝術治療及音樂治療活動,同時增加長者接觸個人化康樂治療、復康和職業治療,以及針灸和按摩治療等保健服務的機會,促進長者的身心健康狀況,提高他們的整體幸福感和生活質素。


  • 立即捐款! 捐款滿$100或以上之善長,可獲贈華宮長者藝術作品月曆一個。所有捐款將獲Chan Sisters Foundation 作一對一的配對!
  • 網上籌款活動包括電子郵件和社交媒體宣傳
  • 團體籌款賽
  • 傳媒推廣:AM1320 華僑之聲、加拿大中文電台AM1470 和FM96.1
  • 網上慈善拍賣(直至2023 年 11 月 30 日)

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