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Face Mask Charity Sale 愛心彩虹口罩義賣

Villa Cathay x Family Mask Canada Face Mask Charity Sale

華宮 x Family Mask Canada 愛心彩虹口罩義賣

Family Mask Canada is teaming up with Villa Cathay to raise funds for seniors in our community! $5 will go towards Villa Cathay Rejuvenation Project for each transaction at $38 or above. Bonus: you will receive a $2 discount! 

Family Mask Canada與華宮聯手為華宮的長者籌款。每購買超過$38就會有$5的收益將撥捐華宮安老院,支持華宮安老院重建計劃。額外:您也會收到$2的折扣。

use the code “Villa217” when you place your order. 

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You can also support us by donating to the Villa Cathay Rejuvenation Project! 您也可以捐款支持華宮的重建計劃!

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