Villa Cathay is proudly home to hundreds of Chinese seniors from all over Vancouver. And we take that one word very seriously: home. Home is so much more than four walls and a door. Home is about that feeling of safety, of comfort, of family. It means the warmth of belonging and the certainty you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. Whether it’s a simple heartfelt greeting, a traditional Chinese meal, or simply someone to talk to, our seniors are surrounded by love, treated with respect, and supported in living with dignity. We want to keep providing this unmatched level of culturally focused and respectful care for generations to come. The kind of care you’d want your own parents to have. The kind of care you’d want someday.

At Villa Cathay, we celebrate the vibrant Chinese culture of our residents and strive to create a welcoming environment that communicates the honour it is to support them through this stage of their life. Whether it’s sharing a scrumptious meal of lotus root soup and steamed minced pork or connecting over a game of Mahjong, we will continue to bring residents together to participate in activities that are familiar to them. Before moving to Villa Cathay, some Chinese seniors experienced care that wasn’t focused on their heritage. Even harder for them is the fact that many Chinese seniors don’t speak or understand English. These fragile seniors can become withdrawn and depressed. When they are given the chance to experience care at Villa Cathay, everything changes.


“I was only 110 pounds when I was transferred to Villa Cathay two years ago. I simply could not adjust to the Western cuisine that was served at my last care home. With time and the delicious menu at Villa Cathay, my weight and health steadily recovered. My weight is now over 150 pounds as a result of the wonderful care that I have received at Villa Cathay. My doctor gave me the green-light to leave Villa Cathay and now I’m in assisted living. Life is great! I visit Villa Cathay at every opportunity to volunteer my time.”



We all deserve the chance to age amongst the culture that has shaped who we are.