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Digital Cart Funded Chinese


Smart TV

智能電視: 我們仍需要在每個樓層的護士站旁,以及運動室內,增添智能電視,可以讓更多的長者在不同的地方觀看他們喜愛的視頻或相片。

Super Ear Personal Sound Amplifier

Super Ear 助聽擴音器: 讓聽力有限的長者能更清楚地,聽到家人和護理團隊跟他們的對話!

Microphone with Headset - Funded


Ceiling Lift


Tilt WheelChair


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If applicable, Villa Cathay may recognize donors on our website or other channels Villa Cathay deems appropriate. If you wish to remain anonymous, please inform us via email [email protected].

如適合,華宮安老院或會於網站/其他途徑列出善長芳名或機構名稱,以作鳴謝。如善長希望作不留名捐贈,請電郵[email protected]通知我們。

Program Funding Partners

We wish to express our deepest gratitude to the following program funding partners that greatly enhances the quality of lives of Villa Cathay residents:

Government of Canada

Canada Summer Job

New Horizons for Seniors Program


BC Ministry of Health and BC Care Providers Association

Senior Safety & Quality Improvement Program (SSQIP)


Vancouver Division of Family Practice

RCI Innovation Grant


Our Donors

Thank you to Opus Art Supplies for providing canvases for our residents’ art therapy program.

Thank you to Costco Canada for supporting our purchase of Smart TVs for our residents.

Thank you to Jubo Health for donating 10 Jubo VitalTrolley (2nd gen) for our residents to better communicate with their families.

Thank you to a family member who donated a Wii Console to us. Residents can now enjoy many fun video games (not to mention exercise at the same time). We are still looking for more Wii Consoles – if you have one to share, please email us at [email protected]!