Villa Cathay is a non-profit senior care home. We provide professional nursing care and services to monitor our resident’s health and manage their medical needs around the clock. Our interdisciplinary approach emphasizes physical health and psychological well being equally. Moreover, we apply a holistic, individualized approach with care plans developed to meet each resident’s care needs, preferences, and characteristics.

The transition to living in a care home and rebuilding the sense of well-being and self-worth can be a stressful process. Our culturally oriented environment encourages our residents to interact with their caregivers and fellow residents to ease the resident’s insecurities. We provide comfort while they adjust to their new surroundings, making the transition of joining the Villa Cathay family less intimidating.

Some of Villa Cathay's Services include Fun Activities!

Professional care, a culturally oriented environment, and the comfort of home make Villa Cathay unique in meeting the needs of our seniors and their families. – Szuchi Lee, Executive Director