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Villa Cathay Staff Hub 華宮員工專用網頁

April 2, 2020 | Staff Resources

Welcome to the Villa Cathay Care Home Staff Resource Hub. Please check this page regularly to stay up to date. 歡迎來到華宮員工專用網頁!請大家定期查看此網頁瞭解最新的信息!

Staff Protocols for COVID-19 員工衛生守則

Testing of COVID-19 測試

Any staff members who have a fever of 37.5 degrees or above, or have developed any of the cold-like symptoms (fever, cough, diarrhea, running nose, sore throat, headache, muscle ache/fatigue, other symptoms of a cold), are required to go to a COVID-19 test site immediately.

  • Complete this form if you have any symptoms 如果您有任何症狀,請填寫此表格:

Class Orders from VCH Medical Health Officer 


Other Important Information 其他重要資料

Families’ Thank You Messages to Staff


非常感謝華宮的所有看護和員工對媽媽的照顧。特別在疫情期間還是盡全責照顧老人家。由於我不在溫哥華,也沒有辦法探望媽媽,只能靠電話聯繫媽媽。我明白現在不能用電話以減輕看護的工作量,以及能讓看護們專心工作。感謝員工們的努力工作讓我知道媽媽的狀況。希望大家都Stay safe and healthy。在此慰問和為各位看護和員工打氣!

Thank you to your teams hard works.


I understand this is a very difficult and challenging time for all staff members especially nurses and care aids. I thank you all very much for doing your very best for my mother and other residents of Villa Cathay. Take care of yourselves!


Thank you for the hard work from Villa Cathay care home workers in keeping out the virus and taking good care of the elderly.  You guys take care. Thanks


We know you are all doing your best to keep everyone safe and healthy at the Care Home during this crisis.


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