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Please click the images below to see the names of donors who supported our various programs.  我們感謝每位善長、公司及基金會慷慨解囊,支持華宮安老院不同的服務項目。

2022 fundraiser donors

Our Rejuvenation Project Donors


We wish to thank all of our donors, the individuals, corporations and foundations whose generosity has made it possible for us to build a new Villa Cathay Care Home for seniors today and in the future.

We are pleased to recognize the following individuals whose cumulative contributions have reached or exceeded $1,000 between December 1, 2016 and July 26, 2021.

Villa Cathay is profoundly grateful for your support.  We also wish to thank those donors who have chosen to remain anonymous.



Peterson and the Yeung Family


Carol Man Shun Lai
Lai Yin Sheung


Wai Sim Au-Yeung and Po Kay Tse
Y.P. Heung Foundation
Tung Lin Kok Yuen, Canada Society


The Fleming and Reimer Families
George Huaijun Chen and Family
Hsu & Hsieh Foundation
Jack and Sylvia Gin Foundation
Dr. William and Mrs. Catherine Liang
Charles and Carol Loh
Lum Family Foundation
Wong Leung Bo-Yee


Andrew Cheung
Estella Lang
Cindy Lee
Dr. Joyce Ling and Dr. Donald Shuen
Vivian Ling
Dr. Jones Young
Anonymous (2)


Mr. & Mrs. Yik Fung Au-Yeung
Boddhisattva Samantabhabra
Nelson and Grace Chan
Peter Chan
Mr. and Mrs. Wing On Suen and Sui Chun Suen Chan
Choy Family
Dr. Kenneth Chow
Lisa Fan Donovan, Anthony and Stella Fan
Dow Avenue Project Limited Partnership
Oi Fung Fan
Focus Link Investment Ltd.
Fong Leun Tong Society Sit, Seto Clans Association
Johnny Fong
Hui Lum Fung
Gaw Family Foundation Fund, held at
Vancouver Foundation
Greta and Robert H.N. Ho
Dr. Menjou & Mrs. May Lo Hui
Jetavana Buddhist Society of Vancouver
Kee Sang Chan & Siu Ling Chan
Kevin Kruk
Kim Family Foundation
Pao Yao Koo and Douglas Kavanagh and
Joseph Lau
Derek and Carlota Lee
Dr. Lonny Lee and Anne Lee
Peter Lee and Anita Lai Ying Lee
Ms. Szuchi Lee & Dr. Tigerson Young
V. Paul and Joyce Lee and family
Thomas Leung
Dr. Francis Ling & Elena Ling
Lung Kong Tien Yee Association
Dr. Vivian Lo
Max, Ruby, Sarah, and Edward Ma
Magnum Projects
Mt. Boucherie Estate Winery
Park Chiu Mar
Victor Ng
OpenRoad Auto Group Limited
Ronnie & Gurmeet Sengara
Sincere Care Society For The Elderly
Sing Tao (Canada) Foundation
Kit Pek Tam
Kwan Ho Tang
Sheng Hung Tschang
Lun, Kay, Avery, Emma and Hannah Wang
Thorne Wong Foundation
The Tsang’s Family
Thomas Tse and Fanny Fok
VanMar Constructors Inc.
Dr. Miriam Yu
Terry Zhang of Beijing Shokai Canada
Anonymous (4)


Michael Adamson & Kumi Adamson
AY Au-Yeung & Company, LLP
Canvest Development Corp.
Peter Chan
Elaine Chang
Chow Chan Po King
Brendan Donovan
Michael Eng
F.C. Li Family Foundation
Monica Sui Fong Fung
Gift made in honour of the dedicated Villa
Cathay Management Team and all Care
Henriquez Partners Architects
Lai Ping Hung
Tat Wai Hung
Iag Enterprises Ltd
Cynthia Ip
Rui Ting Jiang
Michael & Reva Kalef
Kum Kwai Ho Kong
Lawrence Lau
Jeffrey Lee
Jennifer Lee
Wendy Fung Ying Leung
Simon Lim
Cheung Chun Lin
Yu Chun Lin
Dr. Moses Lo
Paul Lu
Paul McIntyre
Eleanor Osman
Precision Endodontics – Dr. Elaine Lam Inc.
Scotiabank, Cambie & King Edward
Serracan Properties Ltd.
TELUS Communications Inc. through
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Too Yummy Food
Nancy Toy
Gilbert Wong
Grace and Richard K. Wong
Francis and Judy Yee and family
Charlie Ngai Yuen Yen & family
Jackson Yeung, Edwin Yeung, Eva Young
Gin & Dr. Jones Young


Aberdeen Technical School Class of 68
Martin Addison
Don Allen
Dr. Aloysius P. Tong Inc
Dr. Panos Andreou
Arbor Harvest Investment Inc.
Wai Kit Au
Capitalpoint Mortgage-Sorenco Capital Ltd
Yuer Tan Cen
Alison Chan
Colleen Chan
Grace Chan
Jim Chan
Kai Sun Chan
Kam Tong Chan & Ida Chan
Linda Chan
Mo Chun Chan
Uniya Chan
Wai-Pan Chan
Willie Chan
Yet Wah Chan
Chan Better World Foundation
Emily Chang
Heather Chang
Mei Chun Chang
Mui Heung Chau
Elaine Chee
Chee Dack Gen Tong Society (Vancouver) Chee Dack Gen Tong Society (Vancouver) –
Women’s Committee
Biqi Chen
Fiona Lai Ping Cheng
Judith Cheng
Millie May Lee Cheng
Paul Cheng
Winnie Yuet Ming Cheng
Joey Cheung
Lai Ching Cheung
Roselind Cheung
Kam Sio Chiang
Ming-Chang Chiang
Solomon Chin
Chin Wing Chun Tong Society
Chinese Canadian Dental Society of BC
Tak Wood Chiu
Hing Lee Choi
Pi Lien Chou
Alison Chow
Ivan Chow
Roger Suen & Peggy Chow
Shirley Chu
Jessica Chung
Joyce Chung
Colliers International
Corning Drugs
Richard Costello
Daisy Coumou
Jim der
Yvonne and Larry Diamond
Diversity and Emotional Wellness Centre
Doteasy Technology Inc.
East Side Games
Andre Eng
Oi Fung Fan
Financial Literacy Counsel Inc.
Grace Iao-Ngo Fong
Mr. & Mrs. William Fung
G&H Vegetarian Food Ltd.
Xiang Peng Gao
Pennie George
Kerry Georgeson
Eva Young Gin
Fonnia Guo
Hexagon Investments Inc
Ben Ho
Hoo Leung Ho
Doug Hsieh
Roque Hsieh
Dolly Hsiung
Lydia Hsu
Jiumn-Ming Huang
Hui Lum Fung
Albert Hui
Dr. Hilary and Patsy Hui
Madge Hui

Yvonne Hui
Talia Hung
Maggie and Kelly Ip
IPAC Holdings Ltd
Monty Jang
Annie Zhong Qiong Jiang
Fu Hong Jiang
Weson Jiang
Peter Joe
David Ju
Andy & Christina Kai
Lucas & Stella Kai
Jennifer Kam
Hui Low Kam and Aggie Chan
Kenneth Leung Inc.
Charles Kim
Tse Oi Kiu
Kit Ko
Ted Koffman
Cosmo Kwan
Mr. and Mrs. Kee Yat Kwan
Kwan Yin Liu and Winnie Yuan
L.B.T. Health Centre
Jack Lai
Patrick Lai
Dr. Wai-Arm Lam
Jean Lam
Susan Wei-Man Lan
The Lau Family
Cary Lau
Dr. Alfred Lau
Theresa Lau
Wing On Lau
Y. T. & Brenda Lau
Addy Law
Flora Law & Kin Ieng Law
Lucy Law
Bosco Lee
Choy Wan Lee
Yip Tim Lee
Michael L. Lee & Christina Yan-Lee
Leeson Engineering Inc
Legend Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
Aaron Leung
Eddie Pak Hoo Leung
Francis and Ming Leung
Kin Fun Leung, Kin Wah Leung, Kin Hun
Matthew & Elaine Leung
Mo Kwong Leung
Pui Yu Leung
Ray Fong and Angelique Leung
Sabrina Leung
Wan Yuk Leung
Robert Levine
Anthony Li
Fang Zhang & Chunyan Li
Grace Li
Sean LI
Shan Li
Yuan Chao Li and Wen Pei Li
Jie Liang
Pauline Lim
Kwok Yuen Thekla Lit
Anita Liu
Arthur Lo
David Lo
Dr. K. Y. Lo
Eddie Lo
Richard Loo
In Pek Lou and Yun Chung Fung
Christine Luk
Elizabeth Luk
Chun Pang Lum
Roy Ma
Salina Kai and Ronald Mah
Bennet Mak
Mr. & Mrs. Leonardo Mendoza
Hai Rong Meng
Kam Hong Mok
Loong Lai Moy
Natural Art Concrete Fence Ltd
Mario Negris
Man Yung Ng
Margaret and Anthony Ng
Sau Ng
Stephen Ng
William Ng
James O’Dea
Gisella Oh
Roman Oryschuk
Pacific Place Group
Peter P.Y. Woo Notary Corporation
Pink Pearl Chinese Restaurant
Karen Power
Mary Prodanovic
Prosperous Badminton Education Foundation
Doug and Lana Pulver and Family
Reimer Foundation
Shapur Salem
Gurmeet Gill Sengara

SGB Enterprises Ltd. -DOLLARSMART
Philip Shirvington
Lisa Shiu
Wendy Shuen
Becky Shum
Leslie Sieh
Kee Siu
Samuel Siu
Sixwest Holdings Ltd.
Smiletec Dental Lab Limited
Sui Chun Suen
Sun Wah Centre
Eva Sun
Jonathan Sun
Andrew Tai
Eddie Tang
Olivia Tang
Sheng Ping Teng
Thomas Tong
Ilen Toy
Michael Toy
Family of Huu Truong
Hanh Anh Truong
Candice and Paul Tsang
Hip Chun Tony Tsang
Paul Tsang
Teriene Tsang
Mr. & Mrs. Pak Hang Tse and Sun Wah Foods
Chang Moo Tsing
Arthur Tse
Vancouver Chinese Elderly Citizens’
Vancouver Point Grey Lions Club
Vancouver Academy of Dance
Vancouver Sowers Society Of Education
Vivian Beauty Spa
Yaying Wang
Joanna Wei
Lou Wei
Windermere Secondary School Hand-in-
Hand 2018-2019
Belinda Wong
Benny Wong
David Wong
Grace Kapik Wong
Iu Wong
Jeannie Wong
Jenny Chow Wong
Joe Wong
Joe Wong
Kim Wong
Michael and Astor Wong
Moo Ching Wong
Mow Jun Wong
Sunny and Helen Wong
Roger Wong
Simon Sze Man Wong
Stanley Wong
Sultan Wong
Victor Wong
Chi Tak Arthur Wong and Pik Yee Grace Wong Yeung
Sau Wu
Wylie Kit Yu Wu
Yeung Che Yee
Edwin Yeung
Jackson Yeung
To For Yeung
Mabel Yip
Margaret Yip
Dr. Kit Chuen Yip and Mrs. Yuk Hing Yuen
Cecile & Henry Yong
Dr. Peter Yu
Michael Yu
Shin Yu
Yim Toy Yu
Estella Yu-Chan
Cathy Yuen
Gin Wah Yuen
Herbert Yung
Kitty Zhang
Anonymous (20)

Community Event Organizers 社區籌款活動主辦機構

We would like to thank the following community event organizers who have generously fundraised $1,000 or more between December 1, 2016 and July 26, 2021.

Chinese Canadian Dental Society of BC

D2D Destiny Foundation

Journey of Love Annabelle Louie in Concert 2019

Shandong Natives Association of B.C.

Vancouver Cambie Lions Club

Windermere Secondary School Hand-in-Hand 2018-2019

In Honour and Celebration 心意及慶賀捐贈

Using a gift to honour or to celebrate is a special way our donors commemorate an anniversary, a special occasion, or to honour a special individual.  Thank you for the following donations of $1,000 or more between December 1, 2016 and July 26, 2021.

Anonymous, in honour of Dr. Robert Loh and Joey Cheung

Che Min Chow

Rose Yeung 90th Birthday Celebration

Margaret Yuen Hing Tang

Gift made in honour of the dedicated Villa Cathay Management Team and all Care Staff

In Memory 紀念捐贈

A gift in memory is a thoughtful way our donors pay tribute to the life of a special individual who has passed away. Thank you to the following tributes made in remembrance of a loved one with contributions of $1,000 or more between December 1, 2016 and July 26, 2021.

Yin Wah Chau

Dr. T.Y. (Ted) & Dorothy Chang

Wen Ming Chao

Qi Chen

Zhuo Tang Deng

Dr. Harry Earl Sharp Fan

Li-Xiao He

Kwan Hung Hi

Ching Lin Hon

Dr. Shou Hsin Hsu

Leung King Ip

Chun Pang Kwan

Carol Man Shun Lai

Rose Lau

Po Han Lee

Charlie Siu Yee Leung

Tong Li

Henry and Josie Loh

Sau Yin Ma

Willie Shen

Chui Hing Shum

Sheng Ping Teng

Lok Sze Toy

Mow Jun Wong

Yuet Yee Mah Wong

James Chi Ying Yu

Yung Hing Yip Cheung

Yun Lan Zhu


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