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Villa Cathay adopts an inter-disciplinary approach to provide person-centered care for each resident. Our inter-disciplinary team comprises of the following departments: nursing, recreation therapy, rehabilitation therapy, dietary, nutrition, social work services, building services, administration and management. Our goal is to foster a sense of independence and promote seniors’ ability and dignity.

Recreational Activities

The recreation programs aim to engage residents in meaningful ways that further enhance residents’ general well-being. Seniors will have the option to participate in individual or group recreational programs where they aim to engage seniors in meaningful ways. From Mahjong, Arts and Crafts, Montessori, or Bingo, seniors can participate in a variety of activities. 

Cultural Activities

As a Chinese long-term care home, in addition to regular holidays celebrated in Canada, we also celebrate cultural events and holidays throughout the year that are meaningful to our seniors. Events like:

  • Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year
  • Mid-Autumn Festival
  • Chinese Spring Festival
  • Dragon Boat Festival

Art Therapy

Art therapy helps seniors express themselves when other types of communication may be declining. At our nursing home, seniors can express their creative self from painting, knitting, folding origami to creating collages. As such, art therapy helps to sharpen the seniors’ minds, enhance their cognitive functions and helps seniors to regain a sense of well-being.

Rehabilitation Therapy

Villa Cathay’s rehabilitation team consists of a physiotherapist (PT) and a rehabilitation assistant (RA). Together, they work closely with seniors, families, and other members of the team in promoting residents’ mobility, physical functioning, and falls prevention.

Music Therapy

Our in-house music therapist designs therapy sessions to meet the specific needs of our residents and support the maintenance and improvement of cognitive, physical and socio-emotional functioning.

Dental Program

Villa Cathay residents have been benefiting from the UBC Geriatric Dentistry Program to receive complimentary teeth cleaning and maintenance services. Thanks to generous donors supporting the new equipment purchase and upgrades in 2017, residents now have access to a modernized dental clinic.

Dietary Program

Every day, our residents enjoy a rotating menu of Chinese cuisines, with additional afternoon & evening snacks. Our registered dietitians design and supervise the process to ensure that we meet the individual dietary needs of all our residents.

We have an on-site kitchen team who prepare our nutritional meals with fresh ingredients every day. Alternative nutritious entrees and vegetarian options are available on request.Sample Menu

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
1. Oatmeal OR Congee of the Day 1. Lotus Root Soup 1. Winter Melon Soup
2. Egg of the day 2. Tofu and Minced Pork Stew 2. Steamed salmon
3. Bread OR Toast with spread of choice 3. Shanghai Bok Choy 3. Yu Choy (Siu Choy)
4. Rice or Congee 4. Rice or Congee
5. Fresh Fruit 5. Jello

Social Worker Service

Our Social Worker supports residents and families from the very first day of moving into Villa Cathay.  By closely working with the family and the resident, our Social Worker provides the psycho-social support needed to the family and the resident during the transition of moving into Villa Cathay.

The Social Worker may also assist with advanced care planning, applying for benefits and reviewing eligibility. At the same time, they can facilitate access to HandyDART services, Red Cross equipment loan program and Public Guardian and Trustee. For a complete list of external senior services available, click here.

Housekeeping Services

We provide housekeeping services to all residents, using certified eco-friendly products whenever possible. Laundry service is also available for personal clothing.

Government-Subsidized & Private-Pay Beds

Villa Cathay Care Home provides equal long-term care services for both government-subsidized and private-pay clients. Included in the monthly fee, these services for both clients are as follows:

  • 24-hour professional nursing and personal care (bathing, grooming, dressing, personal hygiene, feeding, etc.)
  • Accommodation in a safe and secure environment (private room with en-suite shower and washroom)
  • Development and maintenance of a care plan
  • Clinical support services (e.g., rehabilitation and social work services) as identified in the care plan
  • Ongoing, planned physical, social, and recreational activities (e.g., exercise, music programs, crafts, games)
  • Nutritious meals, including therapeutic diets prescribed by a physician
  • Meal replacements and nutrition supplements as specified in the care plan or by a physician
  • Routine laundry service for bed linens, towels, washcloths, and all articles of clothing that can be washed without special attention to the laundering process
  • General hygiene supplies, including but are not limited to soap, toilet paper, etc.
  • Routine medical supplies
  • Incontinence management
  • Basic wheelchairs for personal exclusive use
  • Basic cleaning and maintenance of wheelchairs
  • Support and relief for families and loved ones who are providing care

The following items are not covered in the monthly fee and may be applicable to the client:

  • Medications not covered by MSP/PharmaCare or client’s extended health insurance (such as over-the-counter medication, vitamins and supplements)
  • Care, services, and equipment not covered by MSP or extended health insurance (such as podiatrist, specialized wheelchair, specialty mattress, etc.)
  • Ambulance and personal transportation (such as HandyDART or taxi)
  • Purchase or rental of equipment exclusive for the resident (such as hearing aid, hip protectors, canes or walkers)
  • Supplements or supplies of a designated brand not provided in Villa Cathay
  • Companion service
  • Standardized labelling of client’s clothing
  • Personal cable TV, telephone, internet, installation, and monthly fees
  • Personal newspaper, magazines, and periodicals subscriptions
  • Special outings
  • Purchases made at Villa Cathay’s gift shop

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