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Mr. Cheng, Our Staff, Our Family

May 6, 2019 | Villa Cathay Blog

From May 6-12, we celebrate National Nursing Week, a perfect opportunity to recognize the staff who work day in and day out to make Villa Cathay a home for our seniors. The theme this year, is “A Voice to Lead”, which explained is:

“every nurse has a story and every story has the potential to improve the health system and enable individuals and communities to achieve their highest attainable standard of health. From these insights comes the power for change.”

As we celebrate National Nursing Week, we want to share a story of our own that touched so many of our hearts. This story is about resident Kevin Cheng, who had to relocate from Villa Cathay because he was deemed “too healthy” to stay longer at Villa Cathay. He recalls the experience he had here at Villa Cathay, with love from all of the nurses that took care of him.

Time Flies!  Two fulls years have flown by since I moved into Villa Cathay Care Home.

Three years ago, the medical team at St. Paul’s Hospital wrestled me from the Grim Reaper and put me in a care home.  I was only 110 lbs when I was transferred to Villa Cathay two years ago.  The care staff thought their scale was broken because I was too tall for that weight. My wife confided to them that I was only 99 lbs at the other care home. I just could not adjust to their Western cuisine.  With time and the delicious menu at Villa Cathay, my weight and health steadily recovered. Now I routinely have two bowls of oatmeal congee and two slices of toast for breakfast. I always have two bowls of soup for lunch and dinner. They are delicious! I always get extra servings at each meal as well. My weight is now a fighting 150 lbs, a result of the wonderful care that I have received at Villa Cathay.

The staff at Villa Cathay can all speak Mandarin, eliminating a major communication problem for me. (I am from Northern China where Mandarin is spoken. I cannot speak Cantonese. English was spoken at the other care home, with a few staff being able to speak Tagalog, Malay, Hindi or Cantonese.  I know Russian as well but do not speak English much) I get to watch Chinese television shows, play Bingo, read Chinese newspapers and books. I am even learning to play the piano! When the weather permits, I am able to go on field trips all over the city, visiting beautiful parks and sceneries. This is a wonderful reprieve from the indoor spaces at a care home. It is a much needed tonic for the Soul! 

We eat well, sleep well, move a lot and regularly enjoy a multitude of volunteer dance and singing performances at Villa Cathay.  I am so fortunate and happy at Villa Cathay.  It is my HOME.

Resident – Kevin Cheng

(Translator’s addendum:  Mr. Cheng has improved so much in the last two years at Villa Cathay that he has to be moved to another care facility with a lower level of care.  This is not uncommon at Villa Cathay, where some seniors get so much better that they walk away! That is phenomenal!)

That’s why we want to hear from you! Comment below on your stories that you’ve seen with staff who have gone above and beyond to care for a loved one.

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