Join Villa Cathay’s Monthly Giving Program

When you join the Monthly Giving Program, it allows us to support our mission to enhance senior care for generations. Your dependable monthly gift provides Villa Cathay with a steady and predictable source of funding to support the most urgent needs of our senior care home.

How it Works

Monthly Giving is an easy and convenient way to support our seniors in our nursing home every month! By making the decision to give – your gift will make an impact on our seniors’ lives month after month.

  • Giving is convenient: Once you’ve signed up, your donation is automatic until otherwise advised – you may increase, decrease or cancel your gift at any time.
  • Affordable: You can choose the amount of your monthly gift.
  • A Single Tax Receipt: You will receive one cumulative tax receipt after the end of the calendar year.

What Your Gift Will Do

Your monthly gift creates an invaluable resource of sustained funding to enable Villa Cathay Care Home to respond more quickly to arising needs such as COVID-19 response needs, new equipment replacements, new wellness activities for seniors, or the development of long-term projects for generations to come. Your contribution has the power to create a big impact in our seniors’ lives.

Below are some examples:

  • A gift of $5 a month for a year can benefit 6 residents to have therapeutic paint pouring sessions.
  • A gift of $10 a month for a year can fund knitting projects for 12 residents.
  • A gift of $25 a month for a year can cover the costs of isolation gowns needed for residents attending their medical appointments and window visits with their loved ones during COVID-19.
  • A gift of $50 a month for a year will purchase a new Smart TV for a resident floor to enrich residents’ entertainment options.
  • A gift of $100 a month for a year will purchase 4 ceiling lift chargers to power the equipment needed for residents to be safely transferred between locations.

You are currently making a Monthly Gift. Thank you for your generous support.


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If applicable, Villa Cathay may recognize donors on our website or other channels Villa Cathay deems appropriate. If you wish to remain anonymous, please inform us via email [email protected].

如適合,華宮安老院或會於網站/其他途徑列出善長芳名或機構名稱,以作鳴謝。如善長希望作不留名捐贈,請電郵[email protected]通知我們。