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Moving Your Senior To A New Home

October 15, 2019 | Villa Cathay Blog, 博客
Moving Your Senior

We all wish to care for our parents to be in the comfort of their own homes as long as possible. Sometimes we just don’t have the means to do so and it may be time to find a better care plan for them. It is a tough decision: moving your senior into a new home, whether it be a residential care home or assisted living or other options. It can be an emotional and challenging process for everyone. We’ve gathered a checklist of tips to consider if you are thinking about helping your elderly loved one move into a new home.


  1. Communication and Choice
    • Have this conversation of moving into another home earlier with your senior will help them make the transition smoother.
    • Research ahead of time all the available options of living arrangements. See if the services and communities are suitable to your senior. Physically visiting multiple locations will give you a better idea of what the new home will really be like. See if your loved one will enjoy the menu or if they will like the weekly activities. Having a community that will support them will help your loved one thrive in their new home.
    • Lay out the options for them so that they feel confident about the new home.
      • DID YOU KNOW: At Villa Cathay, you can book a tour to check out the home before you make your decision.
      • FACT: Most care homes will allow you to book a tour before making a decision!
  2. Plan Effectively
    • Moving into a care home often requires downsizing. Planning and being organized will relieve any stress on the senior. Make sure you know ahead of time the amount of space the new home has. It will help you to plan how many personal items to bring. You can reference the checklist of personal items Villa Cathay suggests all their seniors to bring to our new home.
    • Bring all items of sentimental value  into the home so they feel comfortable in their home away from home.
    • Enlisting a mover may also be helpful to help relieve stress from you and your family members and you can focus your attention on providing care to your senior.
    • Show them visuals of the new home so that they know what the new environment will be like before they actually move in.
  3. Enlist Family Help
    • Surrounding your seniors with familiar loved ones will make the senior feel more supported about the move and can relieve some stress. Have family members around during the day of the move too!
  4. Plan the Moving Day
    • The actual moving day can be stressful. Help ensure that your loved one had a good night’s sleep. Plan it so that it is during the day when they are more alert and awake.
  5. Post Moving Days
    • The first couple of weeks of adjustment is usually more challenging. Find time to visit your senior as often as possible to help them settle in. They will need some time to get used to the new environment. Having familiar faces there will reassure them of the move.
    • Always communicate with the care team as much as possible to enhance the care to your loved one.
    • Encourage your loved one to participate in activities and join their new community. Having more friends in the new building will allow them to integrate into the new home more quickly.

There are many details to consider when moving your senior but planning and understanding all of your options will make this a better journey for you and your loved one. If you have any questions regarding a move or wanting to tour Villa Cathay, feel free to leave us a message!

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